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Social Startup Incubation Program

Through this program, Bala Vikasa Center for Social and Responsible Business provides budding social entrepreneurs with assistance and mentoring in Management, Finance, Infrastructure and Networking with the support of CSR Partners and Funding Institutions. Bala Vikasa CSRB’s team of technical experts, industry leaders, mentors and advisors, supported by state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities, ensure that the selected startups achieve success and progress steadily towards sustainability.


The Approach


Induction and Introduction

An induction session to introduce incubatees with BVCSRB team, get familiar with their ideas and allow them to gain perspectives from peers.

Target setting

Helping incubatees in defining their goals and set a roadmap to achieve it by addressing the potential impact, scalability, stakeholders, business and financial model, and management.

Facility based services

Offering fully furnished office space with seating space for two from each startup that can also serve them as permanent office address and provide required infrastructural facilities such as meeting and conference room, printers and more.

Customized training

Identifying the individual needs of each incubate and support them building capacities in the areas of strategy making, execution, leadership, soft skills, personal growth, and relationship building.

Amalgamating responsible business practices

The business sustainability concept is fast evolving as global stewardship for businesses. Keeping that in mind, BVCSRB helps in embedding the practices of Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) in core operations of enterprises.

Workshops and Seminars

In-house and industry experts, senior entrepreneurs, and professionals help incubatees get a better understanding of the areas like market assessment, communication, branding, legal and governance, finance, vision, strategy, investment management, and more.


Opening the vast network of the organization for incubatees helping them in engaging with sector experts, funders, like-minded individuals, and grassroots test grounds/potential customer base.

Seed fund/Grant and Follow-on

Providing incubatees with a grant or seed money to help them establish a better footing and support them in designing and executing the right pitch. The BVCSRB team also does a strict follow-up based on milestones and progress.

Social Impact and Business profitability

Impart the knowledge to evaluate the idea from an intended impact perspective and potential of sustaining in market competition.

Periodic Strategic Reviews

Periodic strategic business review from in-house and external reviewers to enhance the quality of enterprises and business models. This also helps in continuing grant support.

Demo Day

An opportunity to pitch in front of a larger audience of investors, mentors, NGOs, industry stalwarts, funding agencies, and other relevant stakeholders.


  • Mentoring
  • Education & Access to Knowledge
  • Networking & People Connection
  • Financing & Access to Finance
  • Facility Based Services
  • Brand Building
  • Business Services


  • Highly motivated, and committed Social Entrepreneur
  • Early-age startup with an innovative and impactful idea/solution to address any social issue
  • A working prototype for pilot studies
  • Technological fix/solution to curb any social problem
  • Passionate to make a difference with business solutions
  • Willful to learn and experiment

Selection Process:

After receiving the applications startup are shortlisted on the given accounts:

  • Impact Potential
  • Scalability of Proposed Solution/Impact
  • Team Capabilities
  • Founders’ Background
  • Market & Financial Attractiveness
  • Business Feasibility


The shortlisted startups go through a final round of interview, which is conducted by:

    • Entrepreneurs
    • Investors
    • Mentors
    • In-house experts
    • Industry experts
    • The finalists are taken in for the final cohort

Cohort Design:

BVCSRB follows VCA method as the anchor concept in SOCENT

  • Neuro Linguistic Programming – (NLP)
    – Role of Positive Psychology for Motivation in Entrepreneurial Development
  • Asset Based Community Development (ABCD), PRA, AI & TBL
    – How to Build Socially Minded Enterprises and Mobilize Communities
  • Learning by Doing (Conation)
    – Understanding the Entrepreneurial Process
  • Result Based Management (RBM)
    – Building and Managing Impact Enterprise

To know more about the program, please reach out to

Vijender Mogili
Manager, Social Entrepreneurship
Email: vijender@balavikasa.org
Phone: +91 96667 80546


Ramana Gupta

Ramana Gupta is an extremely accomplished financial professional with more than 30 years of experience in banking, finance, and corporate treasury. He is also co-founder of Wealth First Finserv, an independent investment advisory firm directed by senior-level partners. Ramana Gupta is a person who influences top-ranking finance professionals; whose opinion is highly sought after; and whose judgment is widely respected and trusted.
Ramana Gupta graduated in economics from Osmania University and qualified as a Financial Risk Manager from a banking institution. After graduation, he started his career as a banker with State Bank and worked across the country in various departments gaining insights in all aspects of banking. Known for his quick decision making and expertise in foreign exchange, he developed a passion for financial markets early in his career.

In 1995, he joined a leading corporate house to broaden his horizon. With the dawn of liberalization, the 1990s provided him with a huge scope for structuring innovative practices in risk management and capital expenditure. He went on to create several benchmarks in long term sustainability and low-cost financing.
Apart from this, he has also been proactive in social work as the inherent penchant of giving back to society is part of his personality. As a result, he became part of Bala Vikasa CSRB, where he is unleashing his passion through helping zealous social entrepreneurs. As a mentor, he is putting his best foot to bring up new aspects and angles to solve problems innovatively.

Ramana Gupta

Advisor and Board Member, Bala Vikasa

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