Induction Workshop

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The induction workshops were organized on 15th and 26th November 2018 in collaboration with Rubaroo. The objectives of the workshops were to breaking the ice between all the participants, explaining the context of the program, and understanding the needs of the participants to contextualize the Incubation Programme.

The workshops were divided into two parts each day, where the first half of the day was dedicated to the icebreaking exercises and second half was led by a World Cafe, to capture the participant responses for analysis. The World Cafe was curated by the Rubaroo facilitators and the answers were captured by the student mentors and Bala Vikasa coordinators.

Rural Innovations NIRD Workshop

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The first workshop of the InPRuWE program was organized in collaboration with the Rural Technology Park (RTP) of National Institute of Rural Development & Panchayat Raj (NIRD&PR) on 5th January 2019. The focus of the workshop was on the “Rural Innovations and Technology” and it was designed to prompt the innovative thinking in the rural entrepreneurs and expose them to a wide range of opportunities available.

The workshop was designed to ensure that the participants get the ample knowledge of ‘do it yourself’ (DIY) options of micro businesses. To provide the practical exposure, the participants were taken to the handmade paper unit, natural dyeing unit, vermi composting and culture, medicinal plant nursery, leaf plate making unit, and sustainable rural housing technology.

Breaking Barriers Workshop

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BVIC hosted the second workshop of InPRuWE on 5th February 2019 in collaboration with VReap Foundation. The focus of the workshop was to create the understanding around “Breaking Barriers to Create Growth Plan”. The aim was to help this thriving community of rural women entrepreneurs in identifying the obstacles hindering their growth.

The purpose of the workshop was to help in construct the habit of brainstorming in the entrepreneurs before every step, in order to identify the opportunities and achieve them. Also, to help the women learn about and identify opportunities to expand their businesses in a sustainable manner.