Driven by the scarcity of water in India, P L Bhupathi founded Naturesani. Naturesani specializes in the research and development of environmentally friendly, innovative sanitary solutions.

Intent: Naturesani develops smart, innovative technologies to save water and build environmentally friendly communities for a greener future.

Idea: After three years of focused research and development, Naturesani introduced a first of its kind, ‘Made in India,’ waterless, odourless urinal system. This urinal provides a unique air-lock system that prevents urine from contacting the air which inhibits bacteria and restricts the chemical synthesis of urea that releases ammonia, the foul-smelling gas! Consequently, this low-maintenance, odourless urinal system saves water, chemicals and is highly cost-effective. Compared to traditional Indian urinals, Naturesani saves 97% of the water – that’s up to 150,000 litres of water a year and 96% of the chemicals used for cleaning.

Impact: As of now Naturesani has installed units in Hyderabad’s metro stations, GMR New Udaan Bhawan, Delhi, and Hyderabad Bhawan for Indian Railways. Naturesani was also a semi-finalist at National Swaatchathon 2017 and received second prize at the Swachh Bharrat Grand Program awards in the sanitary category.

BVIC Intervention: Naturesani became part of SOCENT when the product was ready and up for sale. BVIC helped it in setting up effective strategies for marketing, investment, and finance. It also helped it in designing an impactful business model, tactics to access investors, and offered understanding of start-up ecosystem. BVIC also suggested Naturesani to apply for various other programs and awards.

Ramana Gupta

Ramana Gupta is an extremely accomplished financial professional with more than 30 years of experience in banking, finance, and corporate treasury. He is also co-founder of Wealth First Finserv, an independent investment advisory firm directed by senior-level partners. Ramana Gupta is a person who influences top-ranking finance professionals; whose opinion is highly sought after; and whose judgment is widely respected and trusted.
Ramana Gupta graduated in economics from Osmania University and qualified as a Financial Risk Manager from a banking institution. After graduation, he started his career as a banker with State Bank and worked across the country in various departments gaining insights in all aspects of banking. Known for his quick decision making and expertise in foreign exchange, he developed a passion for financial markets early in his career.

In 1995, he joined a leading corporate house to broaden his horizon. With the dawn of liberalization, the 1990s provided him with a huge scope for structuring innovative practices in risk management and capital expenditure. He went on to create several benchmarks in long term sustainability and low-cost financing.
Apart from this, he has also been proactive in social work as the inherent penchant of giving back to society is part of his personality. As a result, he became part of Bala Vikasa CSRB, where he is unleashing his passion through helping zealous social entrepreneurs. As a mentor, he is putting his best foot to bring up new aspects and angles to solve problems innovatively.

Ramana Gupta

Advisor and Board Member, Bala Vikasa

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