Responsible Business

Sustainability through Responsible Business

Driving Strategic CSR and advocating Sustainability Practices

Lately, the discourse around sustainable business practices has picked up significant pace and become more important for all companies, across all industries. Having a sustainability strategy is becoming necessary for the businesses to be competitive today and will be more relevant in coming times. As global supply chains become more integrated, the demands for more responsible behavior will grow further.

In simple words, the business practices that are socially responsible, environmentally friendly, and economically viable are regarded as sustainable. Sustainability practices have two dimensions – practicing efficient CSR activities and incorporating socially responsible and environmentally sound policies in the core values of the organization.

According to McKinsey survey many companies are actively integrating sustainability practices into their business model and they are doing so by pursuing goals that go far beyond the earlier concern for reputation management.

The Center for Social and Responsible Business (CSRB) leverages Bala Vikasa’s expertise and experience of working in the development space for the past 4 decades, knowledge about community needs and working models for driving sustainable impact to provide Businesses/Corporates not just actionable insights for their sustainability strategy but also innovative models and solutions that could be implemented correspondingly.

Bala Vikasa CSRB offers Consultancy and Advisory to help Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) teams with information and tools to effectively design, implement, monitor, and evaluate innovative and effective CSR programs.

Bala Vikasa CSRB has been effectively partnering with CSR teams in designing and implementing their CSR programs and key members also work with industry associations to enable large scale impact.

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