Knowledge Sharing

Creating and Disseminating knowledge

Bala Vikasa CSRB is committed to goal of evolving into a knowledge-based organization. Cutting edge Research and Publications are undertaken on a regular basis to support the core programmatic work. The data to conclude these tools, approaches, and methodologies has been derived through in-house projects – by analyzing the idea, experience, impact, implementation, and outcome, and translating it into knowledge modules. This knowledge is proven to be useful for social entrepreneurs, NGOs, students, academia, corporates, and more. In its sharing series, BVCSRB has covered:

  • SMEs and Business Social Responsibility: The New Era of Business
  • Bala Vikasa: For a Synergy between Civil Society and Business
  • Social Enterprise: The New Model for CSR
  • Business for Sustainable Community-Driven Development
  • Capacity Building: Imparting Knowledge, Enhancing Skills and Changing Attitudes
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • ABCD – The Bala Vikasa Way