Ecosystem Strengthening

Fostering a Favourable Climate in the Business Ecosystem for Social Entrepreneurship

The success of Social Entrepreneurship as a sustainable development model depends not just on the individual merits of Social Enterprises and their solutions but also on larger factors such as policy frameworks, regulatory environments, new and emerging public and private instruments that support social entrepreneurship, convergence between direct and indirect stakeholders and high-yielding multi-stakeholder, cross-functional collaborations.

Bala Vikasa CSRB is actively engaged in strengthening different stakeholders, ranging from creating an interest in social entrepreneurship among college going students to creating platforms for discussing needed policy interventions with law makers and industry experts, for developing a more mature, robust and nuanced ecosystem in which Social Entrepreneurship and Social Innovators can thrive.

Efforts are being made to form a pan-India federation of Social Startups who will be provided with different services that will enable them to scale and sustain at a much faster pace. Regular networking events are organized to create platforms for all stakeholders to converse, connect and collaborate.